Jennifer Mosher is President of State of Control and her extensive experience from both practical and regulatory perspectives leaves her perfectly positioned to assist your compounding pharmacy team in achieving compliance.  She is recognized nationally as the subject matter expert and she can save you time and resources by closing your compounding gaps confidently and efficiently.

Unparalleled support

Jennifer knows how difficult it is to maneuvere through and interpret the compounding standards.  Jennifer will get to know the intricacies of your compounding practice and will support you through compliance.  She is accessible, efficient, and reliable.

Unparalleled guidance

Jennifer’s experience from the regulatory side has left her well positioned to interpret the sterile and non-sterile compounding standards.  She is aware of what ACP will expect from compounding pharmacies as we move towards the implementation deadlines.

About Jennifer Mosher

Jennifer Mosher is a licensed Alberta pharmacist with over 25 years of experience.  Jennifer graduated from the University of Alberta in 1992 with a BSc in Pharmacy.  She started her pharmacy career with Eli Lilly Canada for 3 years, moving on to Canada Safeway as pharmacy licensee for the next 15 years.  Jennifer then spent 9 years with the Alberta College of Pharmacy in a Pharmacy Practice Consultant role, focusing on sterile and non-sterile compounding compliance.  Jennifer has a clear understanding of both national and provincial standards from a regulatory perspective.  In addition, she has extensive practical training in sterile and non-sterile compounding and cleanroom certification with Critical Point, United States Pharmacopeia Education, and The Eagleson Institute.  In 2019, Jennifer started this exciting new journey as Founder and President of State of Control.

What Jennifer enjoys most is connecting with and providing support to compounding pharmacy teams.  To Jennifer, these relationships are everything! She knows that every pharmacy is unique and knows the importance of customized solutions.  She recognizes the importance of reliable, timely and accessible support as pharmacy teams evolve towards compliance with our provincial and NAPRA Standards.


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