BIG NEWS from Health Canada

Tramadol will be added to the schedule of the Narcotic Control Regulations in March 2022

We knew this was coming, we just didn’t know when. Now that we know that tramadol has been added to the Canada Gazette, Part 2, we have one year to make required changes to our practice.

What this means to pharmacy compounders is that compounders will require a Dealer’s License from Health Canada specific to compounded tramadol in order to sell compounded tramadol to other pharmacies.

If your pharmacy does not have a Dealer’s License, you would be wise to start the application process as it can take up to a year to obtain.  If you are in the process of applying for the license, ensure you take into account your tramadol inventory when determining your illicit value and corresponding security level.  If you have your Dealer’s License, you will need to ensure you recalculate your illicit value, have the correct security in place, and request to add compounded tramadol to your license in order to sell to other pharmacies.

Please see this announcement from Health Canada:

If you have questions regarding the application process for a Dealer’s License, please email me at and we can have a conversation.